Rally Welcomes New Cougars

Norah Bessette, Staff Writer

Leadership held the first rally of the 2015-2016 school year in the big gym on September 4.

Spirit commissioners Jonathan Hughes and Jack Lawrence opened the event by entering the gym in a speeding golf cart driven by Principal John Walker. The rally continued with the freshman vs. senior games where students rushed to carry their siblings across the gym in recycling bins.

Leadership then invited the Ahazie family down for a special freshman vs. senior family dance competition. “The dance-off was really fun,” said Gaby Rego.

Senior class president Cameron Atwood said that the first rally of the year was challenging to put together because, as the first, it had to be organized perfectly. “Many of the students hadn’t gone through a rally before,” Atwood said of the new Campolindo students.

The Leadership team also had to organize with the cheer team. Veteran cheerleader Victoria Andersen said that the routine for the first rally was difficult because it involved stunts like the “Holy Trinity” and tumbling.

The team began practicing for the routine 2 weeks prior to the rally. “We added in our own tumbling to the choreographed routine,” Andersen explained.

According to freshman Justine Bessette, the rally “made Campo feel more like a community.”