Science Classes Raise Trout

Science Classes Raise Trout

Katy Ly, Staff Writer

Tren Kauzer’s biology and AP Environmental Science classes are hatching and raising rainbow trout eggs in his classroom. The first eggs hatched between March 7 and March 9.

According to Kauzer, the fish eggs are from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. He said that they were free, along with the tank and filter.

The eggs are kept in a special tank covered on all sides. “They have to live in a dark environment,” said freshman biology student James Lyon.

Freshman Bryan Kikugawa said, “They [the fish] are going to be small when they hatch, and they’re also not going to grow much bigger.”

The arrangement is temporary. Kauzer said, “Once they are about one to two months old, we release them at the Lafayette Reservoir. When we release them at the reservoir, we do water quality testing, so I hope [the students] realize clean water is important. I want them to realize that fish need clean water.”

Kauzer said he hopes students appreciate and take opportunities to explore nature as a result of the project.

Kauzer has done this activity with his students for the last two years.

“It’s just cool to have animals in class. It is a biology class, after all,” said Lyon. “I think most of the class is excited to see what fish actually go through to see what we know them as.”

Kikugawa added that he’s “definitely waiting to see when they hatch.”