Alternative Success Stories Displayed


Sophia Bartolo, Staff Writer

Non-traditional paths to success is the topic of a new display featured in the A-Hall. The board, which includes pictures and descriptions of former Campolindo students who have pursued unique careers, or other interests, since graduation, was created by Learning Skills teacher Jessica Hoffschneider in late February.

Hoffschneider explained, “In the spring when the college map is put up, and people post the colleges they’re going to, I have mixed feelings about [the map]. I feel like it [the college map] puts added pressure and stress on the students, who think look where everyone’s going, I’m not going to that good of a school.’ I wanted to show students there are lots of options they can take after high school.”

The alumni board celebrates a broad range of post-high school options. “Some went to college right after high school. Some went to a two-year college. Some took a gap year. Some went to college and dropped out because they realized it wasn’t for them, and some just went directly into a career,” explained Hoffschneider.  The board is a collage of examples intended to help students understand that there are many options that lead to a healthy, happy and successful life beyond graduation.

Samuel Crossley, who graduated in 2012, is one of the featured alumni. Crossley currently attends San Francisco University, though immediately after high school Crossley took a unique path and became an adventure film maker and photographer. “In the past two and a half years I have shot for National Geographic, The North Face, Adidas, Clifbar, and Camelbak among others,” Crossley said.

After high school and an undergraduate program at Boston College, Bryce Pinkham, another featured graduate, has become an actor on Broadway. “My education at Campolindo and beyond is part of the reason I have a career in the arts,” he said.

Pinkman has been nominated for several awards, including a Tony award for best actor in a musical. Pinkman was nominated along side famous stage, screen and TV star Neil Patrick Harris.

Pinkman has also been nominated for a Grammy Award for best musical theater album.

Natasha Schottland’s profile explains how she took a gap year before heading to college. She lived in Italy, and when she came back, she attended the University of Montana. “As most of my high school friends began accepting their spots into to universities, I bought a plane ticket to Paestum, Italy to go work on a water buffalo farm,” she explained.

Hoffschneider hopes to continue adding to the project as additional alumni reply to her requests for information about their unique post-high school experiences.