Halloween Contests Participation Flounders

Sophia Bartolo, Staff Writer

A costume contest and cake walk were hosted by Leadership at lunch on October 31.

English teacher and contest judge Tom Duffy wished there had been “more participants perhaps, maybe some live music.”  He was disappointed at the number of students who turned out for the special Halloween event.

The 5  judges, Dagmar Ortman, Tom Duffy, Tren Kauzer, Lindsey Webb-Peploe and Paul Verbanszky determined winners in each of the 4 categories.

The winner of the humor category, who won by default because two students who wore masks with physical eduction teacher Ron Dygert’s face on them were disqualified, was senior Jacob Buchanan dressed as a pink crayon. Freshman Regina Kong, dressed as an Ebola doctor, won in the creative category.

The winners of the partner category, the section where most students participated, were freshmen Frances Parsons and Julia Cushing, who dressed as pigs in a blanket. In the scary category, the winner was senior Alannah Buyce as a dead cheerleader.

Kong, the Ebola doctor, explained, “[I dressed as an Ebola doctor] because Ebola is the scariest thing today so I think it’s great that I had a costume of the scariest thing.”

Winners of both the costume contest and cake walk received Halloween themed cupcakes.