Yogurt, Bouncy Houses Hits at Carnival

Sophia Bartolo

The Homecoming Carnival offered bouncy houses, slides and smoothies to the student body at lunch on October 16.

Almost all of the tangelo frozen yogurts, vitality bowls, and Jamba Juices were sold out.

“I came here to buy some Tangelo frozen yogurt,” freshman Alex Kolm said. “It’s actually pretty good.”

“I like that I can buy Jamba Juice at lunch,” added freshman Regina Kong.

According to Leadership advisor Dino Petrocco, the carnival was funded by ASB contributions made by each student when they purchased their student body cards.

Procedes from the sale of food went back into the account of each respective class.

“I think it was great. The kids seemed to enjoy the bounce houses and slides. It was a great way for kids to have fun and mix it up,” parent volunteer Sandy Carver said.