Math Coding Activity Successful

Katie Erickson, Staff Writer

The Hour of Code, a nationwide coding initiative, was implemented in every Campolindo math class during the week of December 8-15. Each student watched a video filmed by and received the opportunity to code through Light Bot, an interactive instructional application.

According to Sarah Santaguida, computer programming consists of coding by entering a specific sequence that corresponds to a certain move. The Hour of Code used a simpler version of coding by incorporating pictures instead of sequences.

Programming teacher Carol Paymer was excited about the positive response the coding initiative received.”It went better than expected and I am grateful to the math department for giving up a day of instruction in all of the classrooms to implement it,” she said.

Math teacher Petro Petreas noticed that all of the students seemed to enjoy the program. “Every student was engaged the entire period and it was received very well by each student,” he said.

Sophomore Claire Hathaway thought the initiative was an entertaining hands-on activity that created an easy way to learn how to code. “It was very fun to do something new. It seems really interesting and a great possibility for the future,” she said.

“I got really positive feedback from both the teachers and students. Everyone had a really great time and the teachers reported to me that they felt students had a better understanding of the program in general and programming at Campo,” said Paymer.

According to Hathaway, the program showed her a new perspective of computer programming. “When my teacher told us that we were doing coding, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once we saw the provided coding video and we did the coding, I had a really great time and it got me interested in coding,” Hathaway said.

Paymer believes programming is a great skill to have and can be very enjoyable. “I was pleased that everyone loved it and what I really wanted was to get across that it is something everyone can do,” Paymer said.

According to Petreas, coding is a helpful activity that should be tried at least once. “Everyone should have exposure to this kind of stuff,” he said.

Through this initiative, Petreas believes that students will learn what computer programming really is and will get them involved in the class. “It will build awareness of coding and computer programming. It may inspire students to sign up for the computer programming classes we have to offer and it may get students to think about things differently,” he said.