Seniors Simulate Stock Market


This is students working on the stock market simulation, which is extremely helpful to get the students to understand the stock market better..

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

Paul Verbanszky’s Government & Economics class participated in a stock market simulation on October 10.

“The idea behind the stock market simulation is for students to understand the stock market better, as well as how economic decisions are made by the government. It is also a hands-on simulation, to research stocks, work on their skill sets, like accounting,” Verbansky said.

According to Verbanszky, the activity has been a tradition at Campo, as every government teacher does the simulation each year. “The stock market simulation has been going on at Campo before I even started [teaching at Campo] for 10 years now,” he said.

Senior Andrada Gherghiceanu believes that the simulation is important. “I think that it gives us a sense of economic decisions, how important they are, and the risk that we take in the future,” she said.

“We use technology with the iPads, some students, after the simulation, invest their own money in the actual stock market,” Verbansky said.

Senior Nick Fleming explained, “We started out with a certain amount of money, $10,000, and we invest in the stocks of our choosing. It is like a no risk situation, but it lets us get out feet wet in the stock market, and allows us to experiment and see how it works.”

Verbanzky believes the stock market simulation is helpful in the real world. “It is the skills of the accounting, economic, research, the understanding of supply and demand, buying low and selling high,” he said.