Orange Curtain Introduces Take 5 Campaign


Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

The Parents Club introduced the new name for the Healthy Choices program, Take 5, at an assembly on April 16, featuring the critically acclaimed film Behind the Orange Curtain and speaker Brandon DeHaven.

According to DeHaven, he has spoken to thousands of teens and parents about prescription drug addiction. “Everyone should really know what they’re putting in their body, and this is not harmless. It’s not just having a drink or smoking some pot. It’s something that can change the rest of your life and even end your life,” he said.

DeHaven and his son were both featured in the film Behind the Orange Curtain, which included interviews with ex-addicts and families afflicted by addiction. DeHaven described prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. “I think parents and their kids need to talk. Everybody needs to understand this. I’m glad that parents are going to be here tonight because they need an education just like I needed an education,” he said. DeHaven has written 2 books and hosts a radio show for families dealing with addiction.

Behind the Orange Curtain was directed by Brent Huff and produced by Natalie Costa. The title refers to the drug abuse that occurs in Orange County. After the film was shown at the Moraga film festival, the Parents Club decided to host a screening at the school.

Additionally, the Parents club used the assembly to explain the new Take 5 campaign. “We kind of got sick of the name ‘Healthy Choices,’ so we decided to come up with some kind of the name that would work,” said parent club member Cyndi Moore. “We all got together and came up with the name Take 5, so that you can take 5 seconds out of your decision making process to make a better decision for your future,” she continued. Take 5 also refers to the impact your decision might have on those around you, your friends, your family, yourself, and your future, according to Parent Club member Wendy Feldman.

The Parents Club also designed the red signs that have appeared on campus. Moore said, “A lot of them are facts, taken from statistics, but we also came up with the one that were positive. We have a positive school. This is not a drug abuse school. We do know there are people here who deal with some things, so it’s important to make sure we address everyone.” Feldman stressed that it’s also important to slow down and look at the positives. “Take 5 also means taking five minutes to think at the end of the day about the good things that happened,” she said.

3rd period classes spent either the first or second half of class watching the film in the gym.

Junior Anna Fenske thought the assembly was a good idea. She said, “It was really eye-opening. It definitely makes you more aware of the severity of drug abuse.” At the end of the assembly, the Parents Club passed out Take 5 stickers. Fenske is choosing to put her sticker on a notebook. “I think it’s a great way to spread awareness,” she said.