State Education Reps to Visit Campus

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

Campolindo qualified for a site visit, the next step in the process of applying for the California Distinguished School Award. Representatives from the California Department of Education will visit campus on Tuesday, March 19.

“They’re coming to verify that what we said about Campolindo is true,” said Principal John Walker. The representatives will “look at documentation that we will provide about staff, student performance, about safety, and about campus culture.” However, he said that most of the representatives’ time will be spent visiting classrooms.

“It’s a fairly extensive process,” he Walker explained. “It began in the fall semester when the state identified Campolindo as a school eligible to receive the award, and that was based on our academic performance.” The application requires Campo to choose 2 areas in which it excels. Walker said, “We could have chosen from dozens of areas, but we chose academic support services and a broad array of both AP and career technical classes on our master schedule.”

In addition to a campus visit, representatives will have informal conversations with students throughout their day. The school will also put together a panel of 10-12 students that the representatives will meet with in a more formal setting.

Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett said, “I think we were very honest in our application. I think that they will see what we put on the paper.”

This award will recognize “the support we give to students and the broad range of opportunities” available at Campolindo, explained Bartlett.

Walker said, “I think we have a range of programs and opportunities for students that do make us a distinguished school. It’s the state’s decision whether we get the Distinguished School Award.”

Campolindo last received this award in 2009, and 3 times previously, in 1988, 1990, and 1992.