Boardwalk Theme Well Received


Assoc. Principal Sharon Bartlett fishes outside of G Hall for the GradNight preview.

Emily Fong

Emily Fong, Staff Writer

The Graduation Night theme for the class of 2013 was officially revealed as Pier 13’s Boardwalk. On Tuesday morning, February 12, administrators, teachers, and parent volunteers welcomed seniors to school by giving them badges on lanyards and an assortment of snacks, like lemonade and cookies.

Attractions at the annual post graduation celebration will include a mechanical bull, laser tag, inflatables, a casino and dancing. Seniors were were greeted by Beach Party themed decorations in the G hallway when they arrived on Tuesday morning. “The theme looks really good. It looks like the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said senior Justin Archangel. “The colors and decorations made me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt.”

Senior Bella Ruiz agrees, “I like the Boardwalk theme because there is potential to be a lot of fun.”

For some seniors, the activities are the biggest attraction. “I saw that they had laser tag and I almost wet my pants in sheer excitement,” said senior Drew Jackson. The sneak peak was described as a “brief window into a primal happiness that we don’t get to see in winter” by Jackson.

the activities include many popular attractions from previous grad night events, such as a batting cage and a massage room. Grad night committee chair Karen Baymiller said, “I’d want to do everything. There’s so many fun activities.”

The official Grad Night will be held at the Bladium Sports and Fitness Club in Alameda. The party begins immediately after the official graduation ceremony and lasts all night.