Rookie Art Teacher Brightens Campus


Nikki Honda, Co-Sports Editor

New art teacher Molly Kars has taken over Jill Langston’s Art 1, Honors Art, Advanced Art, and AP Art classes for the remaining semester while Langston is on a leave of absence.

Aside from substituting in the special education department at Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, Kars had never officially taught until coming to Campo. Her past experience with art includes selling portraits and landscape art.

Kars described the transition as positive. “Everyone’s really helpful and nice. The principal brought flowers and I’m just having a ball,” she said.

However, the transition has not been entirely easy. Kars explained that the hardest part was “getting the students back on a different pattern.” She said,” In the initial week I was here I think they all thought I was going to be a party (sic). I enforced some rules and laid down the law.”

Principal’s secretary Carolyn Daughton thinks highly of  Kars. She said, “She’s so wonderful to work with and always has a warm smile and a kind approach. She really adds a bright and happy light to the Campo family.”

To start off the new semester, Kars approached each of her classes differently. The Art 1 class worked on a continuous contour project. “I thought it was easy. It’s fun and kind of light so it doesn’t intimidate them,” she said.

With her Advanced Art students, Kars is “a little more relaxed.” She can assign them broader projects.

Daughton said Kars’s teaching positively affects her students. “There’s so much positive feedback. A couple students even came into the main office to say what a great job she’s doing.”

Freshman Art 1 student Lauren Torres enjoys Kars’s approach to art class. Torres said, “She’s really taught me to be carefree. Her advice has really paid off in my artwork.”

According to Kars, Langston will most likely return next fall.