Costume Contest Recognizes Halloween Spirit

Hannah Lefcourt, Staff Writer

Ghouls and ghosts, and all sorts of creatures, made appearances on campus on Wednesday, October 31.

Junior Megan Zhu decided to take a less scary route and dress up like a dragon for Halloween. “I like that it was puffy and kind of unusual,” she said. Though Zhu did not participate in the contest, she still had fun wearing costume to school.

Senior Amanda Griggs also took a non-traditional route and dressed up as Repede, a wolf-dog character from the video game “Tales of Vesperia.” Griggs created her own costume by molding the headpiece out of cushion foam and sewing the body herself. Griggs participated in the Leadership sponsored costume contest at lunch in the quad, but did not win a prize. “I got an honorable mention because I didn’t fit into any of the categories,” Griggs said.

Senior Nathaniel Miller won the Most Original category with his Andy Worhol costume. Seniors Arianna Gledhill and Leah Keyhoe placed first in the Group category as Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Sophmore Michelle Pang won the Scariest category with her dead girl costume.  Sophmore Leo King won Funniest costume by dressing up as a nun.