Seniors Beat Juniors in Halftime Powderpuff Match

Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

The annual Homecoming Powderpuff competition started with a strong sophomore and senior turnout, but disappointment for the juniors and freshmen. With originally only seven members on the junior team and no players for the freshman team, they didn’t have enough to compete on Tuesday.

“You gotta get juniors to come out,” said junior Powderpuff player Jacquline Guelfi. “Next year we cannot have this few people show up,” she added. Although they were short of players opening day, both the junior and freshmen team gained players throughout the week, allowing them to participate in the remainder of scheduled games.

Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco said, “We could use some improvement with the freshman and junior players, but I like what I’m seeing on the field with the seniors and sophomores. They’re good spirited classes, and frankly, this is as good of a team as you’re going to see on this field.”

The competition lasted for three days, with most games being played at lunch. Seniors and sophomores tied on the first day with a score of 0-0. However, the second day sophomores beat the juniors 7-0. The seniors beat the freshmen 21-0. The last game was played between the seniors and juniors at half time of the Homecoming varsity football game against Dougherty Valley.  The seniors scored one touchdown, beating the juniors 7-0.

Sophomore powderpuff player Maddie Browning said, ”I joined Powderpuff because I wanted to take down the other teams, and sophomores are the best.”

Principal John Walker, who went to see the Powderpuff games each day, said, “I’m a huge fan of Powderpuff. I don’t know who I am rooting for this year, I just hope no one gets hurt.” He added, ”I think school spirit has been exceptionally strong this year.”

Browning added, “It’s been really fun, and I like all the stuff we do, and I like Powderpuff.”