College Reps Visit in Record Numbers


Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

Over 80 college admissions representatives, a record number, from all across the country have been visiting campus.

College and career center director Gwenly Carrel has set up these informational meetings to help students determine which institutions to which they will apply. Carrel said that the colleges contact her because they know “the strength of our students.” These meeting have been popular with the juniors and seniors.

Carrel said that it was “surprising how schools that before did not attract many students, now have very popular meetings.” For example, the Santa Clara meeting had 35 students, and the University of Oregon attracted 47 students. Both these numbers are up from last years.

Senior Joelle Alley has attended 4 meetings. Alley said that these meetings “answer a lot of questions, especially about majors and tailing the curriculum to your personal needs.” Carrel also said that these meetings help “put a face to a name” for these admissions directors, as they are usually the first to read your application. According to Carrel, meeting these representatives can heighten chances of getting into these schools.

Although these meetings are mostly for seniors, some juniors do attend, such as junior Newton Kwan. Kwan said he goes to these meetings to see “what the campus is about and to shape where [my] applications go.” Kwan most recently attended the meeting for Stanford, along with 25 other students.

Yet students like senior Steven Stumph, do not take advantage of these opportunities. He said that he “went to one [his] junior year and felt like it wasn’t that informative.”

There are more meetings planned for October and November. Students can sign up for these meetings 24 hours beforehand on Naviance online. Carrel said it is important for students to attend these meetings, seniors especially, because it “allows them to hear strait from admissions.”