Baccalaureate Last Stop for Seniors before Graduation

Eric Weston, Staff Writer

Graduating seniors and their parents gathered for the Time of Reflection on Sunday at the Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church.

Headlining the event were student speakers Will Howard and Daniel Tobin, as well as teacher Tom Renno.

Howard and Tobin spoke about their past four years at Campo and how that experience influenced them. “We certainly haven’t all engaged in the same activities, but in one form or another our paths have crossed and become intertwined, and in the process we’ve grown and matured together,” said Howard.

“Each year I have been surprised that the people who I would have considered to be out of my social or intellectual league in middle school have wanted to become my friends,” said Tobin.

Howard and Renno both introduced a dose of levity into their speeches, generating a substantial amount of laughter from the audience.

“When I was just a wee pint of a lad round yey heigh, me granda sat me upon his knee and told me to remember something,” began Howard in a practiced Scottish accent.  “I want you to remember that blood is hotter than water. Blood will withstand the rocks. All the water in the sea won’t wash out our kindred.”

According to Howard, speaking in front of such a large audience was a strange experience. “The acoustics of the church amplify your voice and make you feel small in a very large room. I began to get nervous when I started speaking, which is something that had never happened before.”

“Leaving Campo twelve years ago, I was like so many of you all, trying to get as far away from Campo as possible,” joked Renno. “Remember the lessons you have learned, as one day they may help you get a job here.”

Interspersed among the speeches were musical performances by the chamber choir and a musical quartet. Songs included “Good Riddance” by Green Day and “Live Your Life” by Rihanna.