Wildermuth Resigns as Teacher Union VP

Alex Jordan, Staff Writer

Science teacher Patrick Wildermuth is resigning as the Acalanes Education Association Teachers Union Vice President at the end of this school year. His resignation will allow him to pursue other interests, including the chance to hold other political positions. However, he’ll continue to be an active member of the Campolindo faculty.

Wildermuth has been working in the teacher’s union for 9 years and wishes to take a break. He said, “I’m tired and don’t want to spend all my time doing that anymore. I will spend more time doing work in the classroom.” He also said, “I just felt like it would be better if I stepped aside and let other people move into the Vice Presidency, because it would be better for the union.”

Wildermuth has held various positions in the union, such as lead negotiator and California state council member. His vice president responsibilities included communication between teachers and the union, control of the master schedule and ensured fairness in teacher treatment, and maintenance of equal room usage. One of his greatest accomplishments as vice president was his work in passing the parcel tax which ensured that the district could keep teacher and counselor positions.

Counselor Jake Donohoe said, “I feel that he has done a fantastic job and I hope he looks forward to his retirement.” Miramonte teacher and AEA lead negotiator for the 2013 contract renewal Nick Carpenter said, “He has personal and family reasons [for leaving]. He’s given a lot of time and effort into the AEA.”

Once he steps down from such an active role in the union, he will pursue other aspects of public office. He expects to be made science department head in a year or so and will be “spending time for [him],” until then. Wildermuth said, “I do love politics, and have a strong sense of whats right and whats wrong, and a strong sense of equality and fairness that everyone should be afforded.”

Laurie Tewksbury is the prospective vice president candidate.  According to Carpenter, there will be an election the last day of school.

The teacher’s union is responsible for ensuring that teachers and other staff members, including librarians, and nurses, are treated fairly by the administration. They ensure that teachers have all the available resources needed to provide students with an effective education. It also defends teachers who have been accused of wrongdoings in the classroom.