Class Officer Elections Fiercely Contested

Cathie Gastelum, Photo Editor

Most candidates ran for ASB positions uncontested last week. But this week in the class elections, the competition was fierce. Most intense were the contests for the class president positions. The results will be announced Friday at lunch.

The only contested ASB position was won by junior Everett Tsang, who stole the title of ASB Secretary from Merinda Zywicz. The title of ASB President, currently held by Layth Ramatala, was passed down to Junior Ryan Gannett last week.

Senior Kit Koelzer coordinated this year’s ASB elections.

Most ASB positions were determined through the elections, but the Commissioners of Cultural Diversity and of Social Affairs, along the Web Master, were appointed. Before Anjali Bajaj and Mimi Ericson, Haley Finnane, and Everrett Tsang (who was appointed Web Master after winning ASB Secretary) took on these positions, respectively. They were interviewed by Koelzer and Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco.

Sophomores Justin Dunn, Michael Carlson, Newton Kwan, Bob Zhou, and Ashley Bernardo are all vying for the elusive title of Junior Class President. Petrocco said, “In my ten years as Leadership advisor, I’ve never had five people contest for a position.”

Gannett said, ” I have been in Leadership for the past three years and have seen three great leaders, and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.” He explained that being the ASB President requires previous leadership experience and commitment to the class. “I am excited about the opportunity to add more school spirit and get the leadership involved,” said Gannett.

Gannett will also be presented with the opportunity to delegate responsibility to other students in Leadership. One such responsibility is shared between juniors David Reynolds and Zach Remotto, who will be taking over the role of Spirit Commissioners. Reynolds said, “It’s going to be a fun year, and we are going to be very active in the school.”

Remotto added, ” I feel like no one really wants to talk in front of the whole school and that’s something David and I are willing to do, because we’re awesome.”

A concern next year’s Leadership class plans to take on is the lack of team spirit on campus. Next year’s ASB Vice President Kelly Faray said, “I feel as people don’t want to participate in stuff.” Faray speculated that many students are worried about being embarrassed in front of their friends.

However, Junior Troy Westernoff, Commissioner of Athletics, believes there is another reason for the lack in spirit: “We don’t get the word out much, and we don’t communicate with the students.” Westernoff believes that this includes sporting events like the the 3-on-3 basketball tournament, powderpuff football, and dodgeball events.

Those who are elected to class leadership positions help other ASB leaders with school activities. These activities include rallies, dodgeball games, the talent show, and the Halloween costume contest. These positions also deal with class-specific events; each leader presents his ideas to the Leadership class before the event is set in motion.

A small change in the Leadership course’s membership will take effect next year, according to Petrocco: “Next year the change is that I will allow one more sophomore and freshman representative in the class, the Sophomore Treasurer and the Freshman Treasurer.”