Carpool Parking Program Looking to Expand


Scott Fox, Staff Writer

In celebration of the recent Earth Day, Campus Supervisor Jim Graves and Vice Principle Sharon Bartlet rewarded carpoolers for their eco-friendly transportation choices with gift cards.

For the last two years, the Attendence office has been offering reserved spots for those who carpool in order to to combat congested student parking.

The passes are easily obtainable by juniors and seniors who already have a parking pass and gurantees a specially reserved parking spot closer to the campus entry points. The first step towards obtaining one of these coveted spots is to submit the appropriate form in the attendance office on the first day of school

Graves is looking to increase the number of students who carpool: “We currently have 17 spots, but we are looking to expand to around 25 next year.”

He added, “Every few months the kids receive gift cards for being part of the program. The gift cards are for different things such as gas and Starbucks. We give out a total of $10 to each person.”

Carpooling has other, more socially impactful results. Bartlett said, “By carpooling pollution is reduced as well as congestion. It is also better for the surrounding houses because less people are parking in the neighborhood.”