Shakespeare Competition Offers Chance at London Trip

Nikki Honda, Staff Writer

Junior and senior students have recently been preparing with English teacher Tina Mayer for the annual English Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition.

So far, six students including Hannah Creque, Emma Lyddan, and Mina Arasteh have expressed interest in the competition, and have persuaded Mayer to help coach them throughout the process.

The school auditions will be held sometime in the next few weeks, and will be judged by a panel of three teachers including Mayer and Jamie Donohoe, former organizer of Campolindo’s local competition.

Junior Mina Arasteh, first-time performer and main organizer this year, encourages everyone to try out. She said, “Actors of all ability are welcome.”

Participants are required to memorize a 20-line sonnet of their choice, and anyone interested is encouraged to audition. No previous participation is needed; however, it is suggested that you are familiar with the play that your monologue is from.

Senior Jacob Phillips said, “It’s a great opportunity to try your skills. You perform a monologue from a Shakespeare play and it’s a lot of fun.”

Arasteh said she prepares by practicing. She said, “I’ve already memorized my monologue and sonnet, and now I’m reading the play that the monologue is from, going over it, marking it up, just having fun with it.”

The winner from Campo will go to a local competition.  Last year, that competition was held in San Francisco. The local winner will then receive a paid trip to New York to compete again, and be given the opportunity to earn a month in London to study theater.

Last year’s local winner was Natalie Schneider.