Meera Phadnis’s Art Orchestra Performances Initiative

Junior Meera Phadnis started a fundraising initiative this year to help raise money for the Arts and Performing Arts Department. She is attempting to recruit student artists from Campo to go to orchestra concerts and paint portraits of famous composers during the performance. At the end of the concerts they auction off these paintings and use the money raised to buy products such as paints and brushes for the department.

“I was inspired to start this initiative because it was so unique. [Justin] Seligman was actually the one who suggested it. Truly, nothing like it has ever been done before, and it seemed like an incredibly exciting opportunity to showcase my work, raise funds for the school art department, and collaborate with musicians from the orchestra and band,” Phadnis shared.

So far Phadnis has brought in 100 dollars. Her friend, junior Natalie Falsalfi has recently joined and they both hope to encourage many more artists to participate. “I want to emphasize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The feeling of being on stage, the music swelling and softening around you, and allowing the audience to watch your paint strokes turn into a living, breathing portrait — it’s a phenomenal experience,” Phadnis said. Artists of all experience levels are welcome to join including those who don’t know how to paint.

This initiative is meaningful for Phadnis, ensuring that it will be a dedicated and well-executed program, making it a benefit to the school. “When I envision the future of this initiative, I see five, six artists painting on stage with all the musicians. I think it really has the potential to become a tradition that continues on for many, many years and provides more funds and awareness for the Arts Departments,” said Phadnis.

She also wanted to thank the art teacher, Seligman, and the band teacher, Scott Souza, for their part in starting this program. “We really couldn’t have made this possible without them,” said Phadnis. She shared that “Seligman has taken hours upon hours of Academy time to train me — and more recently my friend, [Falsafi], as well – in portraiture. Also, Souza has been so kind in helping set up our equipment, coordinating with us, and managing events.”

If anyone has any questions, Phadnis has requested that they email her at: [email protected]