Students Endure Finals For First Time in 2 Years

The last time Campolindo students took actual final exams was in December 2019.

As most of us remember, the spring 2020 semester had no finals, winter 2020 had modified online finals, and spring 2021 was still in the midst of navigating the return to campus. Half of Campolindo students have never completed a full-length, in-class final at the high school level. For many students, this is causing stress and fearful anticipation.

Junior Aditya Murthy said, “I’m feeling very stressed about all of my finals since a lot of my classes are APs. They’re mostly multiple choice question tests, but after a year of having finals as projects, I’m just kind of nervous.”

Murthy isn’t the only one nervous about finals. Senior Lela Tolajian said, “I’m kind of stressed because I also have college applications due at the same time [as finals]. There is a lot going on right now, so I’m mainly studying for my harder classes.”

Because this year’s finals are different from that of the 2020-2021 school year, many students are worried that in-person finals will be more challenging. “Since last year’s finals were mainly projects, this year I have a lot more tests, which is causing me a bit more pressure than they did last year, and I’m taking way harder classes [than last year],” said junior Abby Inzeo.

Students are also preparing differently for finals this year. Murthy said, “I’m reviewing notes and going back to look into the textbook on topics I’m not so sure about. My friends and I have also been getting together to study and help each other review.”

“I’m confident I will do well on most of my finals this year. It’s just a bit hard to study for them when I haven’t had a traditional final in a while,” added Tolajian.