The Season of Giving Manifests on Campus


Grace Kelly

Giving back provides communities with ways to connect with one another.

With the holiday season coming up, many Campo students are deciding to give back to the community.

The Leadership Equity Council (LEC) held a bake sale to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI is a nationwide organization that has a goal of making sure people with mental illnesses live long fulfilling lives. There is a specific branch in Contra Costa, so the proceeds would go to that location and would help people with mental illnesses in our community get the help they need.

“Mental health is really stigmatized in our community, and I think that it is important to raise awareness and help those who are suffering. Donating to local organizations that could help these individuals that are in our community,” says sophomore Carley Hudson, who is a wellness liaison for LEC.

The bake sale raised about $100, and LEC is planning on doing more fundraisers for other local organizations.

Junior Bettina Curletto is sending Christmas gifts with her 4H group to families who cannot afford to give their own kids gifts. “We are sending kids a toy set and a set of pajamas this year. I think it is good for me to give back to people in the community. These kids should still have the opportunity to have a good childhood even though their family experiences financial issues,” said Curletto.

Curletto has been sending Christmas gifts to families in need with her 4H group every year.
Freshmen Brooke Maher and Elizabeth Vonderbrink are making gift card holders for people to give to different charities and organizations. Some of the gift cards will be distributed to homeless shelters and families in need. The people can use the gift cards to buy gifts for their families or basic necessities.

“It is important to give back during the holiday season because it makes people in need feel special during the holidays and the giftcards will let them get something special for themselves or for their family,” said Maher.