Music Culture at Campo Highlights Diverse Preferences

Like most high schoolers, Campolindo students love filling silence with music, whether they’re doing homework, driving, practicing their sport, or just taking a walk. Airpods, speakers, car radios, and more — there are a million different ways to listen. The real question is what the student body has to reveal about Campo’s music culture.

Apple Music or Spotify… the big question! According to a survey polled on The Claw’s Instagram, @thecampoclaw, 76% of students prefer Spotify, while 24% chose Apple Music.

Senior Pauline Barlier recently switched over from Apple Music to Spotify. “I like the [Spotify] layout better. And essentially everyone I know uses it, so it’s nice to be able to follow my friends’ playlists and easily see what they’re listening to,” said Barlier.

When it comes to favorite music genres, the student body is a little more varied. In 1 poll, 69% of Campo students selected rock while the other 31% chose country, and in another poll, 68% of students picked pop while the other 32% chose rap.

Without hesitation, senior Izzy Grassini said that her favorite genre is “rap, without a question. I like it because it gets me hype.”

With COVID restrictions lessening, live concerts are also back on the rise. Dozens of Campo students attended Pitbull’s “I Feel Good” tour on Sunday, September 26.

Senior Adriana Colon said that she went with a lot of friends and attended because she has always loved his music. “It’s very nostalgic and gives me a good vibe. This was my first concert in almost 18 months because of COVID and I wanted to kick off the new concert year with a good one,” said Colon.

Colon had a general admission ticket on the lawn along with 16,000 other concertgoers, including senior Hudson Reicher and junior Maya Gottfried. “GA lawn, baby,” said Reicher.

Gottfried attested that she had “so much fun, the most fun of [her] life… I was on the lawn which was a really great decision as I was surrounded by friends.”

This concert was more special than most because of the fact that a lot of Lamorinda kids congregated together. Colon said, “It was like – everywhere I looked – ‘hi I know you!’”