Lorde Album Loved by Campolindo Community


Alex Gonzales

Students enjoy music from Lorde’s new album Solar Power.

Since its release last month, Lorde’s anticipated new album Solar Power has been thoroughly enjoyed by the Campolindo community.

Lorde had previously been MIA from social media for the past 4 years, and the last time she had released an album was in 2017. This long gap has further fueled the excitement for Solar Power, especially amongst her dedicated fans.

“I was very excited when Lorde announced her new album because I was always a fan and wanted to hear more of her music,” said sophomore Eric Lee.

Lorde fan senior Daylin Atwood said, “I saw people reposting the album cover on their Instagram stories, so I got excited since Lorde sort of dropped off the map for a little bit.”

The overall sound and vibe of Solar Power has been described by music critics as well as fans as being different from her past albums, Melodrama and Pure Heroine. However, the Campo community is enjoying the new artistic style in which Lorde’s album went.

Senior Caroline Fitzpatrick said, “I love the album! It feels so summery & warm. This may be cheesy because it’s the most popular but my favorite song in the album is ‘Solar Power’. It makes me want to dance on the beach in Malibu at sunset.”

Atwood added, “I liked the album. It was definitely very mellow I think… in comparison to some of her older albums. But I really liked the overall vibe of it… My favorite song would probably be the song ‘Dominoes’… It is super chill. ”

Senior Mateo Gong added, “[Lorde] is one of my favorite artists so I was really excited when I heard she was releasing new music…I enjoyed the new direction she took… Even though I really enjoyed Melodrama a lot, I was still very happy with how [Solar Power ] turned out.”