EuroChallenge Promotes Economic Education for Students

From March 21 to April 8, Campolindo’s Economics Club will be competing in the Economics Challenge and the EuroChallenge.

Members of the club will be competing in the 1st round of the EconChallenge, where they will fill out a multiple choice test on economic concepts that covers both microeconomics and macroeconomics in hopes of qualifying for the state championships. The EconChallenge is run by the Center for Economic Education.

The club will also be competing in the preliminary round of the EuroChallenge, which is run by the European Union delegation to the United States and sponsored by the Moody Foundation.

Sophomore Economics Club president Justin Kashayar said, “The EuroChallenge is a competition where we will give a presentation on the current state of the Eurozone [the group of countries that use the Euro as their currency]. We will discuss an issue that 1 of these countries faces, and give our unique ideas on how to solve it.”

The club is currently preparing for these 2 challenges, but members are planning to do more related to economic education in the future.

“The state of the economy has broad impacts on the lives of everyday people- although we’re too young to remember the Great Recession, it had global consequences, some of which can still be felt today,” said Kashayar.

“[Economics Club] helps me learn about important current economic events in our world…along with helping my public speaking skills,” said sophomore club member Greta Koslosky.

Kashayar added, “Even if you’re not looking at economics from a governmental level, it’s still useful to understand in everyday life. Economic concepts such as supply and demand, or marginal utility help us better understand our own decisions as both consumers and workers.”