Quick Countdown of COVID-19 Diversions


Yasmine Chang, Staff Writer

Most spring break trips have been thwarted by the threat of COVID-19. With adventures both near and far unlikely to be happening anytime soon, here are La Puma’s top 10 things to do while cooped up at home:

10. Read a book. While screen-less entertainment may be unusual for some teens, reading truly is a great way to pass time. Try curling up with a childhood classic like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson with a hot cup of tea, and you’ll find yourself occupied for hours.

9. Call a friend. Despite not being able to see them in person, chatting with a good friend via cellphone or FaceTime can reduce those feelings of isolation and loneliness.

8. Spend more time with family. Try a board game or movie night with your family. It doesn’t always have to be homework and chores.  Given that you will be spending most of your time in close proximity with these folks, you might as well share some laughs.

7. Do a DIY project. Try out those DIYs that you see on Pinterest but never actually have the time to do yourself. Break out that hot glue gun and a needle and thread, because crafting awaits, just a quick YouTube search away.

6. Exercise. With all the junk food you’ll be tempted to consume during those Netflix marathons, doing some sit-ups and planks might be a good idea to stay healthy.

5. Spring cleaning. It’s official, spring is here. You’ll be spending a lot more time in your room, so the best idea would be to at least keep it clean. Tip: do it on your own 1st so that your mom won’t keep on nagging you to do it.

4. Learn a new talent. Impress your friends if/when you see them again with your new ability to make birds noises, Kendall Jenner style. Some other things to try include calligraphy, card shuffling, or learning morse code. Why not come out of this quarantine a better version of yourself?

3. Play with your pets. Make up for all the guilty neglect.  Pay attention to your furry (and not so furry) friends. Take them for a hike, or combine with #7 and craft them a new toy.

2. Try out new recipes. It’s not likely you will experience quite so much free time again, so use it to make new dishes from your mom’s old cookbook. Mix it up with some sweets, or find meals that are healthy but satisfy your taste-buds. After all, you’ll be eating in a lot more now.

1. Sleep. This goes without saying. Catching up on some well-deserved sleep after watching the latest news report will surely be beneficial to your mental health.