Torres Organizes 1st Culture Fair


Erika Riedel, Co-Sports Editor

Organized by diversity commissioner Lindsay Torres, the 1st cultural fair was held in the quad on May 29.

With other schools such as Acalanes, Miramonte, and Stanley Middle School all boasting the tradition of a cultural fair, Torres took it upon herself to organize the event for Campolindo. “I think Campolindo and the Acalanes School District in general needs an event like this, not just because our community is predominantly white but I think because for so long we haven’t had an emphasis on equity and diversity ever,” she said.

Sophomore Jackie Artiaga, who also helped in organizing the event, hopes that the fair will become an opportunity to spread cultural awareness on campus. “We knew we wanted Campo to be introduced to different cultures so we decided that because we have lots of cultures represented at Campo, why not celebrate that. I wanted to educate people a little bit about different cultures,” she said.

Although the fair consisted of an array of stands run by student volunteers showcasing international cultures, the event was initially planned to have activities such as a fashion show, games, and food trucks.

Junior Paloma Hancock was inspired by the cultural fair to research her Puerto Rican heritage. “I do identify more as Mexican so I am really used to Mexican culture and having Mexican food. But I am also Puerto Rican and I haven’t really embraced that part of me so I wanted to do a little more research and background on it,” said Hancock.

Torres was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the event and is hopeful that the cultural fair will become a tradition. “I hope that it becomes better organized. I also hope that it continues to grow and becomes more of a community event,” she said.