Fierce Fundraising Lowers Ball Ticket Price

Fierce Fundraising Lowers Ball Ticket Price

Madeleine Singh, Opinion Editor

This year’s Senior Ball, dubbed “Bon Voyage Ball,” will be held at the Bentley Reserve.  The theme and location were announced by the Leadership class during lunch on April 24.

Because the senior class was able to accumulate money through parent parties, selling food during Homecoming Week, and working the football snack shack, tickets for the dance will only be $75 per student, which is lower than past years.

“The senior advisors are super excited for Ball,” said senior class treasurer Paige Danforth. “Because of the huge budget, we were able to buy more decorations than usual, and we have a big surprise coming that no one knows about yet.”

The worldly theme was determined by senior class officers who wanted this year’s dance to be original. “We didn’t really wanna do a theme that people had done before, so we thought about Arabian Nights, but we figured Around the World would be broader and include everything,” said senior vice president Olivia Hubbel.

Senior Julia Bond attended last year’s Ball– which was also held at the Bentley Reserve, but for a price of over $100– and is excited about this year’s dance. “Each room had something different and fun to do, so I’m really excited to go back this year, especially with a cheaper price,” she said.