Math Puns Inspire New Club


Amanda Young, Business Editor

A group of sophomores in teacher Nick Schoen’s 4th period Algebra 2/PreCalculus class decided to create the Pun Club after writing original puns on the whiteboard in class throughout the year.

Run by sophomore Charlie Tran, the club meets every other week in room A11. “Everyone thinks [puns are] stupid but I like them, so I just started writing them,” he said. “Everyone started putting them up, so I thought, ‘You know what? Let’s make it a thing.'”

2 of the other Pun Club founders, sophomores Justine Ellery and Jacob Cherayil, said that the club has helped create a less stressful environment in their math class. “We wanted even more people to contribute and join because it’s just really fun and chill,” said Ellery.

Schoen himself has contributed to the club’s collection, including ‘Why can’t the tree touch the circle? Cos-e-can’t.’

The club is “more oriented towards math puns,” affirmed Cherayil, and he joked that “it’s full of nerds, and nerds always have the best jokes.”

They also post puns weekly on their Instagram, @campo.punclub, which currently boasts 35 followers, most of whom are Campolindo students.

Overall, the club hopes to “create a good environment,” Cherayil said, and they want to “get a lot of creativity flowing, make a lot of puns, and just have fun,” said Tran.