Weak Publicity Plagues Climate Protest

Arjun Chhabra, Staff Writer

Although a walkout supporting anti-climate change was promoted by freshman Colbie, few students turned out in the quad for the March 15 event.

“We were just going to sit outside by the quad and protest the school to say what is the point in going to school to prepare for future jobs if there is no future to go to,” said Atlas.  She, along with 3 others, were the only participants.

Senior Andrew Price said he didn’t go to the protest because he didn’t know about it beforehand. “I am very dedicated to helping create a better future for our generation. I find it so great that students in Campo are also dedicated to making a change,” he said. “I wish I could have gone, but I did not know about it.”

It was hoped that the campus event would compliment other protests happening around the globe on the same date. One such event was hosted at the state capital in Sacramento.  Price said he did not attend that protest because he could not miss school.

Sophomore Morgan Coolbaugh believes protests like these are necessary to gain the recognition of people across the globe to help save the environment. However, she too admitted that she did not attend the event due to a lack of advance information.

Atlas admitted that her ability to publicize the event was limited. Atlas said, “I just feel like it was just me putting out the word. I did not really have too much reach to other upperclassmen because as a freshman, I don’t really know anyone that well.”

Science teacher Roxanne Jackman said, “Although we are responsible for keeping you in the class, the school has been supportive of events like these in the past. I think a lot of students care a lot about climate change, but I did not know about it before, just before it was happening.”

Atlas hopes to enlist the help of the Leadership class in order to promote future climate awareness events.