New Instagram Accounts Promote Sports Teams

Arjun Chhabra, Staff Writer

In the footsteps of the successful Instagram account @Campo6thMan, which promoted the boys’ basketball team during it’s recent state championship season, similar fan accounts have begun to emerge in an effort to bring awareness and recognition to less popular sports.

Junior Kendall Monkarsh helped create the @Campo13thWoman account for the girls’ lacrosse team. “The account started off as a joke but we realized that this would help attract people to come to the matches, so we started taking it seriously,” said Monkarsh.

@Campo13thMan, the boys’ tennis team account, is run by sophomore Josh Fleming and junior Sanjeev Sarin. According to Sarin, “I wanted to make 1 of these accounts because I felt that the tennis team was not represented and appreciated enough.”

The name of the account comes from the number of starters plus 1 bench player, just like the original @Campo6thMan handle. The tennis team has 12 starters from their 6 singles players and 3 doubles teams, and decided to add a bench player, said Fleming.

Senior tennis player Cal Hunter appreciates the accounts but worries that they may create division within Campolindo athletics. “Campo 13th Man and Woman are both really great accounts because they give recognition to teams of sports that aren’t often watched. It is imperative that they remember that we are all from the same school and we are all on the same side,” he said.

Senior Vivek Lashkari likes that Campo teams are beginning to have an online presence. “I think it is a good idea because these teams are trying to express their passion for their school and their sport,” he said.