Spring Activities Celebrate, Prepare Seniors


With 4 years of high school under their belts, the class of 2018, like those that have come before it, has been celebrating its impending graduation with various spring traditions, including Destination Day, Senior Seminar, Ditch Day, a trip to Boomers, a staff vs. student softball game, and a senior lunch.

The softball game, which allowed seniors to compete against a team made up of teachers and other campus staff during the lunch period on Monday, May 21, was a particular high light for some. “[The softball game], that’s been one of the most fun things I’ve done here, too. Just playing the teachers and being with all your friends,” said senior Parker Windatt, who played 3rd base and outfield. “I had a lot of fun.”

“I wish there were more girls that showed up because they have a rule where you have to go boy-girl for hitting, and there were only 4 girls so we had to play the whole time so that was disappointing for the girls at least,” said senior Ashley Thoms.

Senior Vincent Mossotti added that the game was “pretty fun” as he “scored up the ball up but one of the teachers caught it so that was a shame. I [also] think it was unfair that the baseball players had to hit lefty. It was a little bit harder [than right-hand stance] but I practiced so I was a little used to it.”

Another spring standout for senior Vanessa Vaisnor was Destination Day, which featured student’s post high school plans on May 18. “I liked the banners and stuff, and the flag wall was super cool. Just kind of being a senior overall, you get a lot of fun things to do,” she said.

“[1 of my favorite parts of senior year was] definitely just enjoying my last year of Campo football; being a senior, it definitely means a lot more than when I played in the past,” Windatt said.

1 event meant to inform seniors about the magnitude of their future independence was the Senior Seminar, which took place during 5th period and Academy on May 30. According to senior James Lyon, a representative from the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office spoke to the seniors about rape and sexual assault. Students also learned about financial literacy and the mental health challenges they may face as college freshmen. Former Campolindo students also gave a panel discussion on their experiences in college.

While the event is intended to help graduates transition successfully to life beyond high school, some did not enjoy being lectured. “The senior seminar took a really long time. It was kind of scary and kind of boring, too, like when the DA guy came in and talked about sexual assault. It was a little over the top. I think a lot of us were already aware of what was going on,” said Mossotti. “I think that was a little too much. The college lady that was there for the senior seminar…explained some points that I feel like we already know about or we could have gotten that information from some other way.”

“I think it is really good that they are talking to us about this kind of [post-high school] stuff. I already know all of [it] because my parents talk to me about it, but there are some people whose parents do not talk to them about that sort of thing so I think it’s good,” added Lyon.

In regards to the colleges seniors are planning on attending next year, College and Career counselor Joan Batcheller said, “We have kids going to a wide range of schools…I think what’s unique [this year] is we have 3 seniors going into military schools so two are going to naval academy and one’s going to Westpoint so having 3 students doing that is a big deal.”

“It looks like by the numbers that we have more kids going to community college this year than previous years. Every year, DVC is the number one school for our students but I think overall, kids had good lists so they had good options financially as well as academically,” said Batcheller.

While most seniors plan on attending college in their home state, California, some are studying abroad in countries like Australia, China, and London, according to Batcheller.

“[High school has] been really good. This year has just flown by; freshman year seems like yesterday. Overall, it was a really good experience. I really enjoyed [Campolindo,]” said Vaisnor.