DC Heroes Weak Alternative

Kate Ginley, Opinion Editor

Team Superman or Team Batman?

To be honest, I’m on Team Wonder Woman.

Throughout the pointless 2 hours of Batman Vs. Superman, Wonder Woman is the only hero who never gets her butt kicked, unlike Superman and Batman, who both survive more “near-death” experiences than necessary.

Superman should, theoretically, win in a fight. He has superpowers! Batman has to rely on gadgets and weaponry.

Ah, but what if Batman were to employ Superman’s one true antidote? It all comes down to the availability of kryptonite.

Unlike the title heroes, Wonder Woman doesn’t have an Achilles heel. Classified as a “MetaHuman” in the DC comic universe, Wonder Woman is one of 4 documented superhumans on Earth, and it appears that the formation of the Justice League is in the near future as a superhero alternative to Marvel’s Avengers franchise.

Unfortunately, trying to bring this band back together is ill advised. While Wonder Woman and The Flash show cinematic promise, the other 2 Metas, including Aquaman, just look lame. What’s Aquaman going to do? Throw fish at people? There’s a reason why T.V. show Big Bang Theory constantly makes fun of the aquatic superhero.

The Justice League looks like a group of confused adults going through a mid-life crisis. It’s a poor imitation of the quirky, exotic and engaging Avengers line up. One of the villains in Batman Vs. Superman even looks suspiciously similar to Marvel’s Hulk.

In Batman Vs. Superman, DC also fails to provide an adversary on par with the Avangers‘ sarcastic trickster, Loki.

Superman may have been a useful icon during the 20th century, inspiring men to join the army and protect the “American way,” but these are different times. Now, Superman’s sense of right and wrong is annoyingly simplistic.

Batman on the other hand, is the perfect hero for a society struggling with the moral ambiguity of the modern world. Plus, he has all the cool gadgets.


Batman Vs. Superman is complicated.  The devices used to put the heroes at odds with one another are convoluted.  It is hard to accept the shifts as each character reveals flaws that attempt to explain why they see each other as a threat to society.

Neither superhero wins my vote of confidence. Both are ignorant and incapable of keeping the world safe.  They invariably cause more destruction than their good deeds are worth.

Another problem with the film is the portrayal of Lois Lane. Though I have nothing against the casting of Amy Adams, her character is shallow and difficult to respect. Lois Lane only likes Superman because he is Superman.

She dismisses Clark Kent, but once she finds out he’s Superman, she backtracks. She is immature, ignorant and impulsive.

Most of the leading ladies of Marvel, such as Pepper Pots and Agent Carter, are strong, intelligent and decisive characters. Yes, Lois is a reporter and strives for the truth, but that doesn’t ever seem to be shown as a vital attribute.

Unfortunately, Batman Vs. Superman is evidence that the DC Comic cast of characters is past its prime. Save your money for Marvel’s Civil War, which is scheduled for release on May 6