Light Installations Planned for Open House

Light Installations Planned for Open House

Joelle Nelson, Staff Writer

Electrical sculptures designed by Art 2 and 3 students will light the hallways during Open House on February 4.

“It’s about showcasing what kind of things you can do in art at Campo and make Campo more inviting during Open House,” said junior Juliet Arnswald.

Students are making sculptures “using light as a medium instead of a traditional medium,” said art teacher Jill Langston. Langston was inspired by an art installation she visited.

Using light sources such as glow sticks and Christmas lights, which were filtered through colored cellophane to add pops of color, students collaborated on the projects.

The art works will be placed “around campus,” said junior Abigail Burns.

“It’s a different way of doing art. Some people think of art as drawing or painting, but this is more creative because you get to build things, and it can be challenging to see how it’s going to all pull together,” Burns explained.

“Last year, one of the problems was that it wasn’t publicized as much and we felt that not as many people saw it, so this year we’re creating more social media coverage,” said Arnswald.

Arnswald’s own project includes a painting on canvas of a tree which is lit up from the back.

“This year it’s gonna hopefully be better because, especially in my project, there were so many other lights that we didn’t expect to be around. It took away from the project,” said Burns.