Believe in Fashion Magic


Kate Ginley, Opinion Editor

Cinderella never had to go through this, so why should you?

Though scientific advancements have proven that magic doesn’t exist, I can still believe in the magic of Macy’s. Girls don’t need fairy godmothers anymore. We have boutiques and department stores.

However magical Homecoming might be, though, the dress-hunting process is far from glamorous. Here are some tips that might aid you in your quest.

#1 tip: Remember, you are not the only one looking for a Homecoming dress. There are bound to be tons of girls dress hunting in Walnut Creek or other local malls. So if you want to escape the cat fights, look a little father away. This will also decrease the likelihood that someone else will have the same dress that you do. Last year, I went to Macy’s in San Francisco and there was more dress options than the local store, with much lower prices. The dress I bought was originally priced for almost $200 but I got it for $60!

#2 tip: Opt for a short dress over a long one. While long ball gowns may be good for events like Senior Ball, they are impractical for homecoming. Homecoming usually involves strobe lights and crazy dancing, so your long dress could easily get snagged, torn or pulled off altogether. A short dress will be more comfortable and more convenient.

#3 tip: Get a dress to match your personality! For example, I like the classics, so my wardrobe is pretty traditional. Find the dress that shows the real you! Don’t feel pressured by fads or friends. What matters is that you feel authentic. If you are true to yourself with your dress, it’s going to look good.

#4 tip: If you don’t physically want to go out and deal with all the hustle and bustle of shopping, then don’t! A lot of my friends this year ordered from a site called Modcloth, which they have come to adore. It’s a little on the pricey side, but has some cute and form-fitting getups. Other online retailers include PromGirl and Nordstrom. If you order online, however, you have to be aware of the time it takes to ship. If you don’t order in advance, your dress might not show until the day after the dance. Another risk of online shopping is that the pictures aren’t always an accurate representation of the product itself. Something that fits on the model may not fit the same way on you.

#5 tip: Get glammed up! Homecoming only happens once every year, and for freshmen and sophomores, it is the year’s one chance to go all out. Be sure to find cool shoes and accessories to complement the dress.

#6 tip: Sparkles are in! This season, you may find a lot of full-fledged glitter dresses. However, keep in mind that glitter tends to wind up on your skin, and everyone else’s skin… watch where people put there hands!

#7 tip: Don’t ever settle for a dress you don’t truly love. Keep looking! Trust me, true love is real (when it comes to fashion). In that moment you see the dress of your dreams (which is out there), every other dress will be forgotten.

#8 tip: Again, try on as many dresses as you want but don’t be rude. There are people with jobs that have to clean up after your dress frenzy. I got my dress for Homecoming at the mall in Pleasanton this year and this poor woman was picking up dozens of dresses sprawled across the fitting room floor. She turned to me and told me my parents raised me right and I would raise my own children right after I put the dresses I didn’t like back on the hanger and back where I got them. There is a fine line between having fun and being a jerk. Keep it classy.

#9 tip: Be a princess! This is your night to shine! Whether your dress is a halter top, has a sweetheart neckline, or is bare-shouldered, be the belle of the ball! I would advise keeping your dress a secret. You want to blow away your friends, and perhaps that special someone..

This Homecoming, you will be Cinderella with the perfect dress. And guess who lives happily ever after?