RoboCop Remake Balanced, Fair

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writer

Robocop, a reboot of the original Robocop made in 1987, debuted in theaters on February 12. Directed by Jose Padilha, the new Robocop has been relentlessly hyped in the media.

The movie follows the path of Detroit cop Alex Murphy, who was technically “killed” in the line of duty by an explosion. According to Omnicorp, the only way to save Murphy is to make him part robot and part man. Murphy becomes Robocop: faster, stronger, and  superior to the average officer of the law.

Murphy then goes after Antoine Vallon, the mastermind behind his “death.”

Alex’s difficult decision is whether or not his family is more important to him than his position as police officer. This struggle between emotion and duty is further exacerbated by his reduced emotional capacity. When he is transformed into the ultimate fighting machine, OmniCorp limits his ability to feel. However, Murphy’s wife Clara helps him to realize that OmniCorp has betrayed him.

Certain aspects of the film are well crafted, like when Robocop makes his way through a maze, facing a difficult test from drones.

There are also some moments that were heartfelt. This provides a nice contrast to the  action in the film. I’ve come to find that most action movies tend to focus on meaningless violence; however, Robocop trumps this belief. When Murphy finally sees his family after they thought he was dead, I was relieved, content that there is some salvation for him and his loved ones.

In this age of technological advances, many people feel they do not having enough time for family. So many people are absorbed in their work and technology nowadays that they miss out on some of the more meaningful pursuits, such as spending time with loved ones and cultivating meaningful relationships.

Despite these triumphs, there are some moments in this movie that could be better. The special effects are overdone, and the plot is confusing. At some points, I had a hard time following the storyline.

The original Robocop is one of the better action movies of the 80’s. The new Robocop is a poor followup to the original.