Faculty Experiences Fertility Spike


Kevin Fong, Editor-in-Chief

The birds and the bees have come to Campolindo.

A wave of teachers are expecting additions to their families and are making preparations to welcome the new members. The Verbanszkys, the Rennos, the Wards, and the Webb-Peploes all have bahbies on the way.

For Government and Economics teacher Paul Verbanszky and science teacher Stephanie Verbanszky, this will be their second child. Paul Verbanszky said, “It’s a girl. I’m very excited I’m going to have 2 girls.”

Their firstborn is 2 and a half year old Izabella. Paul Verbanszky said, “She is very excited about having a little sister. It took her a little while to get used to the idea.” Stephanie Verbanszky added, “She is very excited about the baby, but she is also a little concerned with sharing her mommy and daddy.”

According to them, the due date is April 26. They have already made preparations by converting a guest room into a nursery. Stephanie Verbanszky said, “So far that’s all I’ve done; Spring Break I’m hoping to actually get out the baby clothes and  find all the baby stuff.”

On Wednesday, March 20, the staff held a baby shower for them. Stephanie Verbanszky said, “Everyone’s very helpful, and the science department especially to make sure everything keeps functioning when I’m gone.” She will miss the rest of the year and take the next semester off.

Both Verbanszky’s are ready for their next child. Stephanie Verbanszky said, “Now that this is the second time we’ve done this, I’m much more relaxed about it.” She added, “I feel baby’s instincts and go with it, and let go a little bit more.”

The Verbanszky’s have some names in mind, but will decide once they have the baby. Paul Verbanszky said, “We’re looking at Hungarian names, we’re looking at family names; we have a list of names, but we haven’t selected one specifically. We keep it secret just because we don’t know ourselves yet.”

History teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe is expecting twin boys August 4, but according to her, twins often come early.

She is open to suggestions for names. She said, “I had lots of girl names and now I’m not having any girls so I am very, very stuck. So I’m open. They can’t be weird, and they can’t rhyme. We’re not having Ricky and Nicky.”

Webb-Peploe will take the first semester off of the 2013-2014 school year.

She said her students have been very supportive. She said, “They like the fact that they were twins.”

The Webb-Peploe’s do not know whether or not the twins will be identical. She said, “They usually can tell you if they are identical or fraternal; however, we are their one case that they can’t tell. Occasionally it happens, but the last time we went to the doctor he said that we are the first time in 6 years that it’s happened.”

Webb-Peploe said she will start to prepare during the summer. She said, “I have not done any shopping yet or decorated a nursery. Because probably like most of the students there is a lot going on before Spring Break. But the good thing is school ends June 7, and they’re not supposed to come, fingers crossed, until the very beginning of August.”

She added, “The students have been really wonderful, so I look forward to it, and I will definitely report back once they arrived.”

Government and Economics teacher Tom Renno and Las Lomas Associate Principal Amanda Renno, former Campo AP Environmental Science teacher, are expecting their first child. Tom Renno said, “I’ve said for long time that I never wanted kids, but I am actually very excited.”

Like the Verbanszky’s, Renno said that he is keeping names a secret. He said, “We do not know whether it is a boy or girl. We are not going to find out. We want it to be a surprise.”

Renno’s student reacted well to the news. He said, “Students have asked for a long time when we were going to have kids, so I think they were very excited when it was announced.”

His coworkers are excited by the news. He added, “Everybody except Mr. Patreas was very happy.”

The baby is due July 20, and the Renno’s have already begun preparing. He said, “My wife has done an amazing job of putting together a baby registry.” He added, “I’ve been working a lot on the nursery. It’s been painted. The crib and the dressers are being assembled, and so I’ve been working a lot on trying to put that together.”

Renno said, “It has been really fun. A lot of people have been really happy and supportive, and so it’s been really neat. We’re really excited.”

English teacher Nathan Ward and his wife are expecting a baby April 17.

This is this second child. He said, “We have a soon to be 3 year old named Oscar.” He added, “He’s still relatively oblivious. He thinks it will be fun, but I don’t really think he knows what it means yet.”

They have 4 names in mind, but are not telling anyone. He said that his faculty friends have been supportive and excited for him.

The Ward’s have done some preparing. He said, “We’ve done a little bit furniture wise, but for the most part there is going to be a lot of hand-me downs from his big brother, so we don’t really need any new clothes.”