Harris Stays Consistent with 18 Months

Luther Kuefner, Staff Writer

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris released his highly anticipated third studio album, 18 Months, on October 30 in the United States.

After releasing a slew of singles for over a year, 18 Months will please fans looking for something short and sweet. Even though die-hard fans may be concerned with the number of guest appearances, from Ne-Yo to Ellie Goulding, Harris makes the album his own through his unmistakable production.

The album is split into thirds with short interludes. The first third consists of previously released singles, including “Bounce,” featuring Kelis, and the hit “Feel So Close.” Each song follows the same formula: a sung verse with an instrumental chorus. However, Harris keeps things fresh with different singers and, ultimately, his knack for producing catchy riffs.

The middle third is filled with deeper cuts, not as user friendly as the previous batch of songs. “Iron,” with Dutch DJ Nicky Romero, shows more elements of a true progressive house tune devoid of any pop influences. The true stand-out is “Sweet Nothing,” featuring Florence Welch from indie rock band Florence + the Machine. The repetitive synths and meaningful lyrics truly make it one of the album’s highlights.

The final third contains an unexpected collaboration with electro house producer Dillon Francis, “From Here To China.” The rambunctious anthem may be hard to listen to at first, but quickly becomes an addictive, bass-loaded rap song. The album concludes with “Thinking About You” featuring singer Ayah Murar, a well-placed tune to wrap up 18 Months.

One disappointment that surfaced while listening was the lack of Calvin Harris himself throughout the album. Harris’ past albums, I Created Disco and Ready For The Weekend both prominently featured Harris as a singer, adding a more personal, organic feel to his music. Featuring multiple guests had the potential to be a total disaster, but Harris managed to take a healthy step in his discography. It’s probable I will be playing this album for 18 months.