Pixar Theme Announced for Grad Nite


Sarah Orders, Sports Editor

On June 8th, following graduation ceremonies, the class of 2012 will board the USS Hornet, surrounded by decorations related to the Disney movie Toy Story.  This much was revealed as campus opened its doors Monday morning.  Seniors entering through the halls adjacent to the park lot were treated to theme cupcakes as they walked passed posters and props set by parents over the weekend.

Chocolate cupcakes decorated with green frosting and eyeballs represented the Little Green Men from Toy Story.

Although the venue has been changed from campus to a boat, the tradition of having a creative theme is still intact. Characters from Toy Story such as Woody, Buzz and Jess will be part of the Grad Nite celebration.

Seniors had mixed emotions regarding the theme and hosting the event off campus for the first time in school history. Some are excited for the theme, but nervous for the boat. Others are certain that it will be just as extravagant as past years when Grad Night took place on campus.

Emily Streeter said, “They will decorate it as much and I am sure that people will come together and make it work.”

Senior Tori Seelig is nervous about the theme and is unsure if the committee will be able to pull it off. She sees the boat as a large obstacle. Seelig said, “They better be able to pull this off.” Seellig is excited about the theme and thinks it should be fun. She said, “It’s not tradition at all but it will be an adventure.” Seelling also was not surprised by the theme being announced. She said that she already knew due to circulating rumors.

Senior Holly Reardon fears becoming seasick and thinks that interaction with the students from Acalanes is inevitable.

Although she is excited to graduate and is enthusiastic about the theme, she is nervous about becoming stranded in the middle of the bay. Reardon said, “I just wish it was on land so there could be a rock wall.”