Seniors Susceptible to Sloth

Rachel Wilson, Editor-In-Chief

Once second semester rolls around, two roads lie before the proverbial senior traveler. One path lies higher than the other, a slippery slope separates the two. Many argue the lower involves a more fun experience, while those who take the higher argue for the long-term benefits.

When the last first semester final is finished, every senior must answer the ages-old question: “How hard am I going to try during the second semester? Do I care enough to make a strong effort?” Both the effort and time a senior invests in his classes during the second semester depend solely on the onset of a disease known as senioritis.

Some seniors take longer to succumb than others; some don’t succumb at all. Senior Anastasia Chilimidos plans on continuing to give a strong effort in all of her classes, although her motivation may not be entirely self-drawn. She admitted, “I think for most of my classes my teachers aren’t going to let me slack off very much.” To Chilimidos, the benefit of the challenge is “a little annoying, but I know it’s going to be for the best.”

Senior Lizzie Mediati plans on relaxing a little more, saying, “I’m not going to push myself as hard as I did during first semester, especially because first semester had the extra pressure of college applications.”

A senior’s class load plays a key factor in determining her level of effort. “For me, I don’t think second semester will be much harder academically,” explained Mediati,”but I plan on maintaining my grades like I have been.”

The last semester of a senior’s high school career also comes with a slew of emotions attached. “I’m pretty excited because we’re so close to the end,” said Chilimidos. Reflecting on all of her hard work through the years, she is looking forward to finishing her year off strong.

“It’s exciting, because we’re almost done with high school,” said senior Lizzie Mediati, “but at the same time I know I’m going to college next year, which is a bit of a scary thought.” She noted the transition second semester brings, as seniors make plans for college and their general futures.