Nails Make Statement with New Polish Trend

Maya Harlev, Lifestyle Editor

Lately, celebrities such as Katy Perry and Beyoncé have been showing off new nail trends.

A simple but very cool trend is having one statement nail. Every nail but one is painted a basic, simple color. Then the remaining nail is painted with a bright, metallic, or glitter polish, finish with a topcoat. My favorite nail polish to use is any one of the Sally Hansen chrome nail pens from the Dollar Tree.

For a truly glittery nail, I recommend painting your nails in a base color similar to the glitter shade you wish to achieve, and then dip a nail brush in topcoat and then directly into a pot of glitter. Next, lightly dab the glitter on to the nail. In between coats, you can clean off the brush in nail polish remover so as not to contaminate the topcoat. This will achieve the most dramatic, glittery finish. Finally, add a with a topcoat.