Girl’s Golf Team Reflects on Past Year After Tight Match

Junior Megan Stephens hits her ball out onto the green.

The girls golf team lost to Northgate High School by a mere 5 strokes in a home game on September 23.

Senior Anna Mooradian said that although they lost, “it was our overall best score of the season with a 220.”

The golf team is keeping a positive outlook despite this loss. Mooradian added, “For me it was my 2nd best score of my career which was really nice.”

Likewise, senior Alyssa Lewis-Smith said “It was my best match, I scored a 43, and my teammate Ainsley also scored her best score.”

Last season the team struggled with finding accessible courses, and they are grateful to be back playing and practicing at Moraga Country Club. Coach Gary O’Neill said, “We did not have access to a driving range or tee times [last year] due to COVID concerns and for a brief time it looked like we were going to have to forfeit our home matches… [This] was definitely a hindrance in trying to function during the golf season but we managed. This year, we have access so life is a lot easier.”

In addition to being able to play more and access the courses, freshman Ellie Stephens said, “We’re all outside and we don’t have to wear masks or anything.”

Lewis-Smith recounted last year’s struggles and said, “Last year we didn’t have a lot of players because of COVID. But we have a full team this year.”

The team this year has much more players than last year’s. O’Neill is looking forward to helping new players advance in their game. “5 players are quite new to competitive golf and we are focused on getting their games ramped up so they can become competitive players,” he said.

Despite the loss, the team is looking forward to the rest of the matches to come. Mooradian said, “I’m super excited to play for the rest of the season.”