Senior-itis Instills Apathy

Colette Wright, Design Editor

As far as I can tell, senioritis has hit most of my peers in the senior class.

Senioritis has been building up for a while. I started to think about it the first day of my senior year. However, I didn’t let it affect my grades because I knew I had to stay focused. It didn’t hit me until 3 weeks ago.

Of course, I’ll keep up with my classes, but not as much as I have in the past. Senior Nikki Kodali describes senioritis as “a loss of motivation to do anything for school when you know you should do something but you don’t.” She added, “It might affect my grades to a point. I used to do the best I could but now I just do the requirements.”

However, not all students are affected by this disease. “I’ve taught seniors for my whole teaching career and I saw it doesn’t affect students who are overly concerned with GPA. They handle it better because they are learning because they want to. The ones hit most with senioritis are those who just go to school for the GPA and college,” said science teacher Jay Chugh.

During my 7th semester, I kept up my grades in case some schools asked for 7th semester transcripts. When I was accepted into some colleges, I knew I was at least going somewhere. My grades were better than before, so I knew I could lay off a little bit.

People who have already been accepted to a college need to relax instead of constantly worrying about school. Seniors have done the best they could. There’s no turning back. Students can’t change their grades or standardized test scores.

I think seniors should be careful not to relax too much, though. Senioritis can be somewhat dangerous. While students such as myself think of themselves as “done” or “free,” college is just around the corner and students should still try to prepare for the increased workload.

I believe it’s okay to live it up a little and have some fun in my last semester of high school. With the weight of college applications off my shoulders, I feel more free to enjoy the rest of my senior year.