Holiday Comic: Celebrating Winter Holidays


I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes comic books. Maybe I’m somewhat of a generational anomaly, but the witty humor and snappy dialogue were right up my alley. Whenever possible, I would drag my parents and siblings to the library to browse through the collections there and borrow as many as possible. As I made my way through the schooling system, I tried time and time again to replicate the humor of my youth. I’d cut out snippets from the Sunday newspapers of the full-color comics. I tried (and failed) to start a newspaper at my middle school where we could have featured cartoonists. I again tried and failed to create a cartooning club here at Campolindo. Finally, after years and years of waiting for an opportunity, the time came to show off my work in The Campo Claw. It’s not perfect, but I am nevertheless proud of my classmates and myself for putting our heads together and creating comic strips for the Campolindo community. I hope these 3 pieces bring you joy this holiday season and remind you of the invaluable role art plays in all of our lives.