Popping the Bubble by Caroline Fitzpatrick


Caroline Fitzpatrick


This collage represents my interpretation of “popping the Lamorinda bubble.” I recently obtained my driver’s license, and my new-found freedom plus my ability to explore beyond this suffocating bubble felt surreal. Broadening my perspective by driving around the Bay Area at my leisure felt like I was in the clouds; new and unfamiliar territory, yet beautiful and dreamy. The confident limbs around the bubble represent the empowerment surrounding Lamorinda that can only be found by individuals popping their own bubbles. I edited this collage on my phone, which was a challenging task for my small screen. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in photography, but it was only during the infamous quarantine this year that I began experimenting with Photoshop.

Model: Alissa Flett
Photographer and editor: Caroline Fitzpatrick