Cheer Camp Strengthens Community Bonds


Isabella Domingo

Aspiring young cheerleaders learned routines that they performed for their parents at the end of the weeklong camp.

The Competitive and Sideline Cheer teams hosted a youth cheer camp with almost 70 attendees from March 20 to 23. The ages ranged from kindergarten to 8th grade. The upcoming cheerleaders learned a new routine that included a dance and stunts.

The cheer teams created the material for the camp, teaching the various age groups the ins and outs of cheerleading. In the fall, the camp is centered around football, while the camp in the spring follows a similar format to competitive cheer.

When asked what makes the camp possible, Competitive Cheer Head Captain senior Emma Helber said, “It is the cheer team itself and the dedication they have to making an impact on the future of the cheer program.” One of the main purposes and hopes of the camp is to inspire the younger generation to want to join the cheer team when they get to high school.

Instead of performing at a football game or scrimmage, each age group performed in a showcase for their friends and family. The showcase consists of not only the performances, but also interactive activities and fundraising opportunities. There was a parent jump-off, a t-shirt toss, and various other cheer-themed games.

Helber added, “My favorite part of kids camp is watching how much fun the kids have, watching how excited they are about cheer, and how much they look up to the older cheerleaders.”

The kids camp is an ongoing tradition for the cheer teams, and is something many of the cheerleaders look forward to. The funds from the camp contribute to the following season, aiding to the costs of team equipment like mats and uniforms. Both cheer teams hope to raise enough money to improve many aspects of their teams.

Freshman Isabelle Porcella said, “My favorite part of kids camp is watching my 1st graders run off the mat with the biggest smiles on their faces. They improved so much from the first day I worked with them and I was so insanely impressed with how sweet and talented every kid was. It truly blew my mind to see all the amazing work from every category and seeing how excited the kids were to show their parents all their hard work felt so rewarding.”

On Thursday evening after the last practice of the camp, the families and friends of the attendees came to the gym to watch the showcase. The bleachers were filled with supporters, all cheering on their athletes. The event incorporated the parents in games, showcased both Sideline and Competitive cheer skills, and revealed what the kids had been learning throughout the week.

Freshman McKenzie Khan added, “My favorite part of kids camp was watching how proud the kids were after they nailed their routine! They were so happy and their excitement was infectious.”

The camp was organized by coaches, captains, and cheerleaders from both teams. Many parents supported the camp as well, helping to set up activities such as bow-decorating. By the end of the week, the camp-attendees had learned cheers, a dance, tumbling, stunting, and how to be a cheerleader. Many of the eighth graders from the Campo attended tryouts for next season in the following weeks.