Boys’ Tennis Competes in NCS Finale

With the spring season coming to an end, varsity sports teams from all over Campolindo are getting ready for the North Coast Section (NCS) tournaments in hopes to make it to the state championships. A couple sports have gone very far this year and a few won it all, and the spring sports hope to follow this path, the boys’ tennis team being 1 of them competing to move on from NCS to Norcal to State.

Varsity tennis player freshman Edgar Alford said, “The NCS tournament is spread out over multiple days, each team keeps playing if they win and if they lose they are out.”

With these single elimination games, the teams will have to play well in order to stay in; 1 off day can be the difference between winning it all and losing.

Alford added, “Tennis matches are 2 out of 3 sets, 1st to 6 games in each set win by 2, tie break at 6-6. Our team is going to have to play very well to move to the next round in NCS…Making it to the 2nd day will be challenging but worth the battle, if we win we play another challenging team again. I’m very excited to play in NCS with my team and as a freshman.”

The varsity tennis team is hoping to win on May 11, May 12, and May 13 and continue winning after that to make it as far as they can go. They will have to fight hard and play well to win it, but they want to bring another trophy back to Campolindo.