Boys’ Volleyball Makes Comeback in Win Against Northgate

Senior Patrick Volk jumps to spike the ball.

The varsity boy’s volleyball team won against Northgate on March 28 with a final score of 3 sets to 1. After a previous loss to Sanger High School on March 25 while missing 3 players, the team experienced a boost in energy on and off the court while playing against Northgate.

Junior Diego Davila Gil said, “Overall, we played really well. I think the team had a fun time and we had a lot of energy which is something we’ve been trying to do this entire season, just to be really happy for anyone on the court even when you’re not on it yourself.”

Sophomore Gabe Harlev said, “I think last week, we definitely were lacking energy, but it’s because the 3 of us weren’t here: [senior] Tyrone Tuvale, [senior] Gabe Johnson and I were on the choir tour, and we’re really loud. So I think when we came back we really brought energy, and I think that helped throughout the game.”

“When we started off pretty strong, the energy kept building and then we were having more and more fun,” added Davila Gil.

However, Harlev also noted, “I think we’ve definitely played better [and] we were being pretty sloppy, but I definitely think our bench was pretty hyped up.”

Senior Josh Ewert agreed, “Teamwork wise, there was definitely a lot of goofing around while we were playing. But when the ball was in the air, the guys were serious.”

Harlev said, “I definitely think that that was the best energy we’ve had all year but I also think that the team captain Joshua Ewert is really shining through in that game just trying to lead everyone.”

Due to the previous loss against Sanger, the team “really had something to prove and [was] just really excited to play,” said Davila Gil.

Davila Gil added, “This year, the team has been really together. We’ve all had a fun time with each other. We all really enjoy each other’s presence. So just the family that we’re making, as our coach likes to say, is really, really great.”