Sports Med Adapts to Distance Learning

The Sports Medicine program has adapted its hands-on curriculum to a virtual setting during distance learning.
Sports Medicine is an elective course that teaches students about the anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as the physiological responses to getting and treating injuries.

“We learn about the body, understand what is happening to the victim/patient, and know what to do in certain situations if someone is injured or in pain,” said senior Robert Wang.

Prior to distance learning and COVID-19 restrictions, the Advanced Sports Medicine class got to participate in after-school training with the sports teams.

According to senior Carson Ng, prior to the pandemic, “students had to complete hours every week or every month” which “meant spending time after school taping football players to get some experience.”

As a result of distance learning, these hands-on experiences have become limited, however the class has since found ways to overcome it.

According to junior Francesca Restrepo, while distance learning has prohibited students from doing “hands-on work like wrapping and treating injuries,” it is nonetheless “a really good experience and it is a fun and chill class and really great to meet new people.”

“The sports med course has adapted quite nicely to distance learning. Even though we aren’t learning many things firsthand, the online guides and activities that Mr. [Ray] Albiento provides are informative and interesting,” said Ng.

Despite being virtual this year, students are still gaining valuable knowledge and experience from the course.

“The class is super fun and will help you in the future if you ever have any problems with injuries. You learn how to wrap up injuries and learn about certain bones throughout your whole body,” said junior Laurel Hunter.

“Even though the class is virtual, it has satisfied my desire to learn about human anatomy. If you or anybody you know is interested in human anatomy, I would highly recommend taking this course,” said Ng.