National Letter of Intent Ceremony Goes Virtual

The National Letter of Intent signing ceremony was held over Zoom on November 10 to recognize the Campolindo seniors who have committed to college for athletics.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Athletic Director Raymond Meadows adjusted the annual ceremony to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“We actually did a NLI [National Letter of Intent] event last spring over Zoom so this was our 2nd attempt at it,” said Meadows. “We wanted to hold this recognition ceremony especially this year as there has been so much uncertainty around athletics for the last 8 months.”

“These athletes have worked their entire lives to get to this point in their academic and athletic careers and it is a huge deal for them, their families, and our school,” said Meadows.

Despite the minor inconveniences that come with Zoom meetings, such as unstable WiFi, the adaptations made for this year’s ceremony were widely viewed as a success.

Senior Cal Poly golf commit Baron Szeto appreciated how the student-athletes were given a chance to thank everyone who helped them in the recruitment process.

Meadows said he intentionally included these speeches as part of this year’s ceremony to give athletes “a little more of an opportunity to have center stage.”

Many of the committed athletes are grateful for the recognition, regardless of it being virtual. “I was very happy that there was still [a] ceremony for all the athletes who committed even if it was on Zoom,” said senior Arizona State University soccer commit Julia Ortega. “I would have loved to do it in person but I was happy to have the ceremony and commit to ASU.”

“I was not disappointed that the recognition ceremony was online because it was the safest method for those who participated,” said Szeto. “Within the Zoom, over 100 participants were present, so being in person and having that many people would not be safe.”

After years of hard work in their sports, Campo student-athletes are glad to have finally committed. “I feel relieved and happy now that I know where I am going to college,” said Ortega.

“I am pretty relieved now that I am committed and signed. I know where I’m going, what I’m majoring in, and I can start setting goals for the next 4 years,” agreed Szeto.